Revolutionising Hair Extensions

We are always striving to be leaders in introducing new technology in hair extensions. The hair
industry is forever changing and evolving, we thrive on researching, testing and introducing the
newest and best extensions and methods available.

Our new Secret Bond hair extensions are so light and moveable in the hair with super easy and quick
installation for you, your clients will love the way the hair moves so similar to natural hair and in and
out of the salon so quick!

Secret Bond Kits

  • Complete Secret Bond Starter Kit

    Everything you need to start your Secret Bond service for your clients in salon!

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  • Secret Bond Rebuckle Kit

    1 x Secret Bond Re-buckle Machine 2 x boxes Secret Bond Buckles

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  • Secret Bond Starter Kit

    Everything you need to start your Secret Bond service for your clients in salon!

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  • Secret Bond Remover Pliers

    Small tool /pliers for easy removal of Secret Bond Hair Extensions

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  • Secret Bond Applicator Gun

    Tool that is used to install Secret Bond Extensions

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  • Secret Bond Buckles

    40 Per pack / box

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What Our Customers Say


Below are our most frequently asked questions

Most of our clients will be able to reuse their extensions 6-12 months however it depends on each customer and how they care for their hair (amount of washing/ heat styling/ sun exposure/ using correct products etc) Also our hair is human hair so it will do what hair does over time it will fade in colour, get split ends and even have some breakage. Because it is human hair each batch of extensions will be different and not alike another.

The skinny weft is flat at the top unlike the traditional machine sewn weft. It doesn’t hold water like the machine sewn and sits flatter to the head which makes it more comfortable, lighter and less detectable in the hair. Generally applied with microbeads and sewn in.

The microweft is super thin at the top (thinner than the skinny weft) with all of the same benefits however it is usually applied with nano beads and often the stylist will sew one row of weft under the nano beads and one (or more) on top so that when the hair is lifted there are no beads to be seen!

Short answer is yes! All extensions that are human hair will fade over time with wear and tear. In most cases they seem to hold colour better than natural hair however as the cuticle gets wear the colour will change. We suggest that you inform your client of this at the consultation and let them know that there may need to be some ongoing maintenance with colour (toning/ low lighting or recolouring) over time.

Yes! But be aware that all hair extensions can colour differently. Do a test patch first. Most extensions are porous and will use a lot of colour, they can also take to colour quickly so keep an eye on them, don’t leave them for the full processing time. Toner can also take quickly and grab in some spots, use a porosity equaliser first and watch the toner, rinsing off as soon as desired result achieved. Beware purple shampoo can also grab, we suggest to mix it with another non coloured shampoo first to ensure it doesn’t over tone.

No! We do not recommend lightening these extensions, if you do so it is at your own risk. Our hair has already been through a recolouring process to make sure the colour is perfect. It is not recommended that they be bleached or lightened as it may disrupt the integrity of the hair.

We highly recommend that you suggest to your clients that swimming is not ideal with extensions. Some clients swim with extensions and have no problem but some swim and have issues with knotting and colour changes. It is best to advise clients to not swim and if they do at their own risk. You could give them some tips but still say that it is unadvisable.

  • Water exposure- swimming in chlorine/ pool/ spa/ sea
  • Copper pipes in house when showering
  • Sunscreen (some brands) – hair rubbing on body with sunscreen applied
  • Fake tan and makeup
  • Heat – sun/ UV ray exposure and heat styling
  • Incorrect hair care used- shampoo/ conditioner and styling products
  • Keratin treatments
  • Argan oil

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