Nano Hair Extensions

These are individual extensions 1 gram in weight with a tiny wire at the top connection that is applied to the clients hair with a tiny nano bead.

These are great for adding volume and length in areas that are more difficult to attach a weft, around the hair line, close to the front of the head or nape of the neck. These can be used as an added extra for weft clients that need a bit more volume without having to purchase a whole extra weft. so that the hair is easier to put up where the hair is finer. You could sell them by the quarter head pack so add as much or little as needed for each customer (customised extensions)

These can also be used as a full head or less on clients with fine hair that just want a bit of volume. They move well on the head unlike a weft so that the hair is easier to put up where the hair is finer.

The hair is 100% Human Hair, cuticle aligned, double drawn, 1gram weight each piece and 22inches long. The colours may vary slightly with each batch as they are all custom coloured. The hair should last when installed 6-12 months depending on wear and care. Please advise your client on correct care of their extensions prior to leaving the salon.