Micro Weft Extensions

They are much thinner at the top connection than the old style machine sewn wefts and even thinner than the Skinny Wefts which allows the extensions to sit as flat to the head as possible. They feel the most natural and comfortable to wear. Because the top is much thinner the extensions hold less water making it easier and quicker for the client to dry their hair. Most of our customers say that these wefts are much easier to wear in up styles so they are great for people that go to the gym are active or are required to tie their hair up for work.

The skinny wefts are best applied with silicone lined tiny nano beads with one row underneath the bead and another row above the bead so that when they are lifted there are no beads visible. They come in one large piece and can be cut to size and customised for each individual client.

The hair is 100% Human Hair, cuticle aligned, double drawn, 120grams weight and 22inches long. The colours may vary slightly with each batch as they are all custom coloured. The hair should last when installed 6-12 months depending on wear and care. Please advise your client on correct care of their extensions prior to leaving the salon.