22″ Secret Bonds (25g Pack)

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22″ Inches Long – 25gram Per Pack. Lasting up to 12 months.

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Our new Secret Bond Hair Extensions are light, comfortable and moveable on the head and can be installed in around 30-45 minutes!

They are most suitable for clients with medium thickness and length hair to add length and volume. For this hair type they blend so well and makes it easier for the client to put their hair up. We classify a full head of these 150grams, you will most likely need this amount to blend with most clients as they are smaller singular extensions more spread out than say a weft therefore needing more hair for thickness.

Many of our Secret Bond clients love that the extensions feel so light and can be tied up so easily. There is no glue or stickiness and a full head can be taken out in less than 30 minutes and reapplied in approximately 45 minutes.

These extensions are applied with an extension ‘gun’ so they go into the hair quickly. We recommend purchasing two guns and if you have an apprentice to load the second gun for you, this will make the process much smoother and take less time. Our most successful extension salons have an apprentice take the extensions out, and while the client is having their colour or basin service done, they re-buckle the Secret Bonds ready for the qualified hairdresser to reapply.

All of our medium hair extension Secret Bond Extensions trial clients have worn their extensions for months up to one year with no damage and loved them. It is recommended that clients have the Secret Bonds moved up every 4-8 weeks depending on thickness and growth of their natural hair. The hair should last approximately 6-12 months depending on aftercare.

We do not recommend this method for really fine/ sparse hair as we have found with trials that there is not enough of the clients hair able to get into the connection. Fine hair clients we recommend micro weft (very fine/ sparse hair we would not recommend hair extensions).

We also don’t recommend the Secret Bonds Extensions for shorter, blunter cuts as it can sometimes be difficult to replace into exactly the same position (but not impossible) we would then recommend one of our wefts in this situation.

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Black #1, Boho Blonde Balayage #T8/60, Butterscotch Schnapps #613/18, Espresso Martini #1b, Toasted Toffee #R2 4/10, Nordic Blonde #60/18a

1 review for 22″ Secret Bonds (25g Pack)

  1. Sarah H

    The Secret Bond Extensions are AMAZING! They were my first experience with hair extensions and I would never go for anything else. They’re extremely comfortable to wear and so natural looking; I am constantly getting complimented on my hair and nobody ever suspects It’s not actually mine. I was initially worried about the damage but have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. They’re so soft, so beautiful and I’m obsessed with the thickness and length of my hair with them in. Love them!

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